If you get stuck on any of the steps, reach out to Nathan and he will clarify the process for you so you can do the same for your writers.

Learning to Use WordPress


In this video you will walk through logging into WordPress and where you will write your blog posts every day. Follow along throughout the video as Nathan walks through the steps.

If you have not already recieved a writers login to incomeschoolcreators.com please message Nathan in slack and he will get you one!

Understanding the Post Recipe

You will use the post recipe format to write nearly every post going forward. Your team leader will provide a copy of the post recipe for you to use that can be left on the desk for future referencing.


30 minute Research, Tee Up, Answer Target and Subheadings

Before watching this video, take a minute and go into the spreadsheet and pick the topic that you are going to write on today. In the spreadsheet, you will see many articles of various lengths but for training, you need to choose one that specifies 1,000 words.  


After watching the video, take the next 25 minutes to research your topic as thoroughly as you can using online resources.  Make sure you know enough to nail the answer and cover the topic a little more broadly.  The main resources you find online you’ll want to keep open in separate tabs so you can refer back to them later.

Also, take notes during this time.  Just write or paste your notes right into your article in WordPress.  That way all of your thoughts are saved right there in the article for you to replace with more complete content later.

Also in this 25 minutes, write a draft of your answer paragraph as explained in the video.  At this point you’ll have an introduction sentence or two, an answer paragraph that answers the question in bold letters in 200-300 characters AND 3-5 subheadings for the rest of your post. 

Wordsmith Your Answer Target


After this video, take 5 minutes and wordsmith your answer target to get the answer out as quickly as possible!

Answer Target and Subheading Check


Filling Your Subheadings


Now you will start filling them in with information that you learned during the research phase. If you need to quickly check a fact or two during this period that is ok, but you really should be writing for the most part. Write in a conversational manner, but not too loose. A conversational tone makes it easier for the reader to understand.

Go ahead and spend the next 1 hour and 15 minutes filling in your subheadings.

Editing as You Go


After watching this video take 5-7 minutes and do any final editing to your post.

Adding Images/Featured Images


After the video, take 15 minutes to log in to 123rf.com and go through the process of adding 2 images to your blog post. You may use images from 2 places. 1. Your own personal images OR images from 123rf.com. No other images are to be used for any reason. Contact Nathan for a login to 123rf.com



After the video, take 10 minutes and go through your post, making smart formatting decisions as described in the video. Shorten paragraphs, add bolding, quotes, tables, etc.

Marking Your Post for Review


Follow along with this video and mark your first post for review to send it off to the editor for editing. Congratulations! You’ve finished your first post!

Sign the Contractor Agreement

  • Now that your post is done, we have some administrative things to take care of. We have a 1099 contractor agreement for you to sign. Please message Nathan with your email address so he can send you the contract.