Step 1: Prepare

  • Watch the above video
  • Determine what resources you may need from the publicist and ask them to begin working on it (you can’t monopolize their time)
  • Determine the structure of the post and what the subheadings will be.
  • Research
  • Assign who will work on what

Step 2: Create Main Content

  • Work separately on your parts of the post.
  • Conduct research that isn’t obvious.  For example, find 20 people who have had this issue before and have written about it in forums, and put together their experience into some statistics.  
  • The finished post should never be fewer than 3,000 words but word count isn’t everything.  Focus on making an EPIC resource.

Step 3: Compile and Publish

  • At the end of your shift, you need to have added the images and pressed PUBLISH.  The post will not be reviewed before publishing.
  • If you have extra time, pin the image on your Pinterest (even if it’s just your personal Pinterest), find a Reddit group on the topic and post about it in there!  Go spread this thing!