Welcome to the Income School Creators Studio!

We’re glad you’re here.  Sit tight for a few minutes as the manager introduces you to what we do at Income School.  Then watch the video below.

Write an Article

Now the manager will give you a prompt and you’ll need to spend the next 50 minutes writing an article as instructed in the video.  Just get as far as you can. You’ll write your article as a Google Doc. Click here to open Google Drive.

In the upper left corner, click “New” to create a new document.

Title the document with your name.  So if your name is John Smith, just title the document “John Smith”.

Then get started.  You have 50 minutes to get as far as you can. We want to see not only how much you can write, but also how well you can follow the instructions and how helpful of an article you can write given the time constraint.  Be as helpful and original as you can.

Good luck!

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